I felt her again today, right where she likes to be, attached to me like a barnacle.

She feeds off me, I’m pretty sure.
Sometimes she presses so hard that I gasp, and she may ease up a little, but only for a few seconds.
Sometimes I feel her in the back of my throat, my chest, my head.
Today, while I drove to work, there she was, clasped so tightly.
She stayed that way during class, although she backed off a little, but afterwards, she tightened her grasp and sat with me in my office.
I tried to ignore her, but she didn’t like that and squeezed fiercely.
Finally, when I could take no more, I looked at her, straight at her, and said, “What do you need from me? What do you want me to know?”
She said nothing. Just sat looking at me and I at her. Seconds into minutes. Tick Tick. Tick.
I felt the ache. We sat together.
Funny, after another minute, she loosened herself and slipped out the door.
I guess she just needed to be felt.

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